Professional recording, mixing and mastering studio based in Milan (Italy). Recording and mixing room with high quality outboard and analog gear, a collection of instruments, synths and drum machines for the perfect creative session for any type of genre, style and artist.


Send an email to or write here to book your session. Blue Sea Studio is open from 9AM to 6PM every day, except on Sunday. You can reserve 1 hour minimum to a maximum of multi-day session (5-7 days recommended for a complete production)


Blue Sea Studio is a large control and mixing room, with a cosy lobby/lounge area and a bathroom.


Mixer Soundcraft EFX 12 with a built-in 24-bit, digital Lexicon effects processor; Monitor Yamaha HS8 an industry standard for their accuracy, designed to ensure precise reference, offering an ideal sonic platform to rely on during the mixing and mastering process;

Various effects: Boss RE-20 Space Echo replica of the Roland RE-201's legendary magnetic tape-echo sound, Boss RV-6 stereo reverb and Boss DD-8 digital stereo delay;

Synth Korg Monologue analog synthesizer with synthesis structure optimized for monophonic sounds and sequences, Korg Minilogue XD powerful and versatile four-voice analog synthesizer, Elektron Digitakt sampling drum-machine with a digital and highly flexible sound engine;

Drums Tamburo Jazz XD with Zildjian drumset and various percussions; Fender Squier Jazz Bass with Seymour Duncan pickups, Fender Squier Stratocaster and more.