Post lockdown does not mean we need to fall back into the same patterns like we did before. This EP contains a smooth transition to a new reality. Ultraterreno is Tagliabue's newest EP on the Berlin and Zurich based micro Label Lustpoderosa.

The celestial sounds from the Italian producer Tagliabue is a healing process of well tempered analog synthesizers. The cure is in the mix of pre dancefloor and ambient tracks inlcuding a slow trancy chug from well known and apreciated selector Anatolian Weapons.

Tagliabue is not just inspired by the afro cosmic heritage of Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli, but also from post-folk, rock, prog and kraut influences of 70’s and early 80’s, passing through New Wave and Synth Pop of Gaznevada or The Stupid Set and not to forget Italians rave culture of the 90s with Franceso Farfa and Marco Dionigi just to mention a few.

This very intimate EP is a meditative and transcendental journey to another world. Literally.

Vinyl and Digital out on June 19, 2020


Many things are changed in the last months.
Restrictions projecting ourselves against an uncertain present and future..

But music and its importance still exists!

During quarantine I completed my mixing and recording studio.
Desks and acoustic panels are made by myself for a great listening experience with an eye open for our Planet.

All materials used are recycled and recyclable, 100% eco-friendly; wood and natural-fibers (plastic free)