Joseph Tagliabue is an Italian sound engineer, electronic musician and DJ based in Milan.

Introducing deep listening and ecstatic abandonment
during dances at parties in the rural areas of the countryside, Joseph started djing when he was very young. Over time, he rose to prominence, becoming a landmark first in Milan’s city and then in European techno circles, skillfully navigating between underground events and the world of fashion.

In 2018 Joseph made his debut as a producer capturing the ears and hearts of DJs and dancers thanks to his hypnotic and ritualistic sound. He gained immediate support from renowned artists in the scene, including Jane Fitz, Vladimir Ivkovic and Alexis Le-Tan, just to name a few.

From that moment, Joseph has continued to expand his interest in sound research, constantly raising his DJ sets and music productions to a higher level. His ability to create engaging musical narratives, focusing on the sound mixing and creating a continuum sonoro from the first to the last track, has made his performances for the body and mind of the dancers, deforming the concept of time and space, bringing them into a deep state of trance.

Joseph's meticulous musical exploration reflects an eclectic style infused with an attitude that expresses his deep love for the land of origin. Specifically, his connection with the Italian culture of electronic and experimental music, reaching ambient, techno and trance of the '90s and 2000s has shaped his sound, elevating this musical heritage to a higher level, transcending the boundaries of genres. The result is an escape from reality with a vortex of sounds that immerse listeners in a new dimension of collective hypnosis.

Evocative, refined and ever-changing journeys have been released on prominent labels such as R.i.O., Oslated, Sound Metaphors, Invisible Inc., Kalahari Oyster Cult, Elephant Gait and Lustpoderosa. In 2020, Joseph founded Blue Sea Studio at the gates of Milan, which has become his creative forge for the production and sound design of contemporary music and original soundtracks.

Joseph's extraordinary skills, both as a DJ and music producer, have made him shine in numerous clubs and festivals across Europe, including Salon Des Amateurs, Der Kindergarten, Planeta Za, Yaga Gathering, Nextones, Klub 20/44 and Pirelli Hangar Bicocca. He continually challenges himself creatively and his fascinating and compelling impact on the music scene is set to grow in the coming years as he continues to stimulate the minds and bodies of dancers with his unique interpretation of hypnotical and trance oriented sound.