Contemporary dancefloor oriented productions by Milan's Joseph Tagliabue featuring top class trance influenced electronic landscapes. Tagliabue’s impeccable groove and sound design combines avant-garde techno and trance aural textures. He arrives on Sound Metaphors’ Bless You label with four new pieces which mark once again his out-of-the-box music approach. A mix of ancestral weaves of Profonda Pulsione, unsettling atmospherics of Plasma and dense hypnotism of Medusa, Onda Sotto’s dominated by enveloping rhythms and transcendental atmosphere. Layered tracks that flowing over alternating cycles, the EP forms a collection of heavy sounds programmed for releasing deep unconscious pulsions and responding to the violence of the world, though not necessarily rationally






With Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni Tagliabue continues to expand on the cosmic foundations laid by such pioneering experimental forefathers as Franco Battiato whose ground-breaking ambient, abstract experiments made waves in the '70s, Klaus Schulze whose legendary Innovative Communications label birthed the “Berlin school” sound in the early '80s, then tracing a path toward later luminaries like Boards of Canada and Plaid.

However, backwards-looking music this is not. It's fair to say the Milan-based producer is developing his very own distinct sound as he matures from one release to the next and regardless of his wide range of influences, it's his firm grasp of sound design and current developments in audio engineering that takes this album far beyond the realm of just “electronica” or “psychedelia” and plants it firmly into a distinctly forward-looking contemporary space of its very own, that's as much music for the heart as it is music for the head.

Tagliabue provides some insight into the release's creation: “Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni (meaning Another Form Of Vibration in Italian) is a concept album inspired by one of the most sensational scientific discoveries of recent years, namely evidence of the existence of the "Cosmic Web". The album is comprised of ten tracks, each linked to one another, much like the various forms of matter in the cosmic web, and whose meaning can only be understood by listening to them as a collective whole: the album therefore is a well constructed sonic experience fusing elements of ambient, psych, rock, experimental and trance. Designed to be listened to continuously from start to finish, the album's journey through the universal elements is reflected in each track, whose rhythms resonate in harmony with the phenomena they represent, whilst a backdrop of drones and mesmeric grooves contribute to an atmosphere of otherworldly mechanical oneirism."

Tagliabue releases his debut mini-album Ambiente Sonoro on Elephant Gait Music with six contemporary tracks deeply inspired by the reality that surrounds us.

Imagination has no limits, when stimulated by sounds that slowly shade and snake in the listener’s conscious.

Library music is a genre that introduced an extensive use of electronic sounds and high techniques in music making, these experimental and psychedelic compositions enriched Italian radio, film and television soundtracks during the 70s. Artists like Daniela Casa, Egisto Macchi and Piero Umiliani provided scores for documentaries, educational projects and other sound installations; they influenced and helped the Milan based artist to produce his debut mini-album “Ambiente Sonoro”. His experience as a music selector and his previous productions anticipate the character of this new contemporary work. A record that cannot be placed in a specific genre. Ancestral rhythms, post-industrial waves, apocalyptic chants and modular drones, suggest a mental projection into a new planetary system consisting of six bodies with different landscapes, kept in orbit by a cosmic sound perturbation. A dreamy state of emotional, protracted and reflective abandonment.

Post lockdown does not mean we need to fall back into the same patterns like we did before. This EP contains a smooth transition to a new reality. Ultraterreno is Tagliabue's newest EP on the Berlin and Zurich based micro Label Lustpoderosa.

The celestial sounds from the Italian producer Tagliabue is a healing process of well tempered analog synthesizers. The cure is in the mix of pre dancefloor and ambient tracks inlcuding a slow trancy chug from well known and apreciated selector Anatolian Weapons.

Tagliabue is not just inspired by the afro cosmic heritage of Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli, but also from post-folk, rock, prog and kraut influences of 70’s and early 80’s, passing through New Wave and Synth Pop of Gaznevada or The Stupid Set and not to forget Italians rave culture of the 90s with Franceso Farfa and Marco Dionigi just to mention a few.

This very intimate EP is a meditative and transcendental journey to another world. Literally.

Vinyl and Digital out on June 19, 2020







Many things are changed in 2020.
Restrictions projecting ourselves against an uncertain present and future..

But music and its importance still exists!

During lockdown I completed my mixing and recording studio.
Desks and acoustic panels are made by myself for a great listening experience with an eye open for our Planet.

All materials used are recycled and recyclable, 100% eco-friendly; wood and natural-fibers (plastic free)